Just so you know, Virus can hack into robots, corrupting them for a while, which introduces us to  what I call the .C line. For example, let's say Virus hacked a robot called Robot. For a while, Robot would be Robot.C


This is'nt quite clear, for Virus... Well, he's a virus. When he is'nt corrupting robots, though, Virus usually takes the form of a hedgehog or fox. His colors then are usually black and blue, with ebony eyes and red pupils. Virus also like to add two yellow stripes on the middle of his head.


Virus started off as a weak computer virus inhabiting Phobos the AI (soon to come). Virus and Phobos quickly made a deal; If Virus helped Phobos become more powerful, Phobos would do the same in return. It was a sucess, and when Virus left Phobos, the two were powerful and cunning. Virus then decided to have some "Fun" by hacking into a robot and mind controlling them for a bit, usually ending up destroying the poor robot. Soon, however, Virus learned he could use the robots for a new purpose: Controlling the world. Virus himself is pretty much corrupted by greed and power, and it does'nt look like that will ever change.


Virus has a secret power core only Phobos knows about. If you manage to destroy the core, Virus disappears. But you never know what lurks around, forgotten...

Status: Villain