Ok. First off, Titanium is a robot. o,o


Titanium is a steel grey robot, who looks like a hedgehog with a bunch of extra blade-like spikes on "his" head. The spikes are a dark grey, and one of Titanium's hands is a magenta Blaster with a small lightning bolt. He has the same lighting bolt on "his" chestplate.


Titanium had an original version, meant for attacking foes with dagger-like blades. This form was discarded, however, and turned into Dagger(soon to come). Titanium's creator, Tech the fox,(also soon to come) realized that the final form of Titanium also had loads of errors. Devastated, Tech threw out Titanium to collect rust. Luckily for Titanium, Stripes the hedgehog found him, and brought him to his best friend, Ring the hedgehog. Unluckily, neither of them knew how to fix Titanium. So, the two took Titanium to a car mechanic, Matthew the cat.(soon to come XD) Somehow, Matthew fixed Titanium. Of course, at first Titanium tried to murder them all, but failed due to a lack of power. X3 Somehow, the three are now friends, with Titanium blasting every threat in sight. XD XD XD

Powers: Well, he barely uses his "Claw hand", only his Blaster. Either than that, Titanium uses his ok-ish strength.

I mentioned most of his relationships, but more to come! XD XD XD

Weaknesses: Titanium is'nt invincible, despite the name, for if you hit "him" hard enough, Titanium will break. Titanium also puts up less of a fight if you detach "his" Blaster.

Status: Anti-Hero