Stripes is a black hedgehog with, respectively, neon green stripes all over him, including his stomach. Stripes usually wears a white bandana splattered with paint, and gloves and shoes(With green stripes XD). HE pretty much ALWAYS carries around his special paintbrush, ready to draw/paint on cue.


Stripes has a childhood literally painted(XD) in mysteries. When he was around 3, his family oddly vanished, which made Stripes an orphan. One day, another boy, a few years older then Stripes, came to the orphanage also. This paticular animal was Ring the hedgehog, who would soon become Stripe's bestest friend. XD XD XD Now, the two go around (trying) to save the world.


Stripes has a mysterious paintbrush which seems to be the only thing Stripes has left of his family. The paintbrush (who has been dubbed Bob by Stripes) can draw/paint something, and the picture becomes alive. Paintbrush(Bob)


Well, if Stripes loses Bob (see above) then he can oly fight with natural strengh, which makes him an easier target. Also, Bob's abilities are limited. The paintbrush can only paint so much before it has to recharge. If Stripes's friends were ever wounded in a battle, Stripes, (who is very sensitive) would be easier to target, for he prefers working with his friends.


Ring the hedgehog: Best friends

Titanium: Friends (well, Titanium is'nt too, too sure of that)

Rush the lynx: They barely know eachother, but Stripes is'nt fond of Rush's sour attitude.

Virus the Virus: XD These two are sworn enemies, but no one really likes Virus anyways...

Status: Hero/Sidekick