Well, Sasha is a snow white cat with some long fur on the back of her head. (She hates it when someones tries to give her pigtails) She can usually be seen wearing a pink, short sleeved shirt with a ruby red heart in the middle. Sasha sports pink and green boots. Don't let her girly appearance fool you, though!


Sasha had a pretty much normal past, except for the fact once she broke her leg falling off a fence. (anyways) When she went to school, she was usually called a "girly-girl" by almost everyone. Well, she sure is'nt, and after a few years of bullies and teasing she became somewhat introverted. (anti-social) But, if you manage to get past her rough exterior, she's actually quite nice.

Powers: None, but she's skilled at martial arts and using a bow and arrows.


Ring the hedgehog: Allies

Stripes the hedgehog: Allies(AGAIN X3)

Titanium: Uhh... They get along ok, but not the best, it appears...

Virus the Virus: Almost everyone despises Virus! XD

Don't worry, more will come soon! :D