Rush's fur is the color of a light red snowcone, with a white muzzle, white paws and feet, along with signature ebony black tufts of fur on his ears. His eye color is a deep forest green, and he wears royal blue cuffs above his feet.

Backstory: Rush was raised in The Northern Village as a young lynx with the original name of Fluff, but as then accused of a crime he did'nt commit and was exiled from his home at the age of..7!! 7!!!! Somehow, the young Fluff survived 2 years in the wild, before he made a drastic move; Fluff changed his name to Rush and snuck back in his villlage. Poor Rush, who was now 9, was caught when he accidentally called himself Fluff, his real name. A few more years later, Rush tried to reach another village, but blacked out from hunger half way through the journey. When he woke up, he met Ring the hedgehog and Stripes the hedgehog. He kicked Ring in the face and bolted off. But, the two would definitely meet again. As the bitter lynx slowly realized he was a pure outcast now, Rush decided to live in the forest, far from his family and home. :'(  X3

Well, you already know Rush does'nt like a lot of animals  or people, sooo... XD

Powers: None, Rush uses natural strength and claws.

Status: Anti-Hero