Rock is kind of special, for he is the Wikis first ever 30~Page Character!


Rock is a royal blue fox, with golden gloves and golden fur above his stomach. The fur on his head is a bit poofy, giving him the appearance that he has... Blue hair. XD Rock is often seen wearing dark brown hiking boots, and golden eyes to complete his look. Rock has a VERY poofy tail.


When Rock was 4, he and his family became seperated due to a massive rockslide. Rock was knocked out from a boulder to the head, but thankfully he survived. When Rock was older, ( around 12) he realized that he would probably never see his family again. Crushed, Rock was extremely gloomy for around AN ENTIRE YEAR, then thought that his family would'nt like to see him like this. So now, in the honor of his parents and siblings, Rock joined the Search And Rescue team. He actually enjoys the job, adventuring, making his family proud, and helping other(as best as he can). Rock..? Well, he doesn't like mountains or annoying people( he can easily get mad).


None with any characters on the Wiki so far! :D

Status: Good