Ring is a black hedgehog with a gray muzzle, and has sky blue stripes all over him. He sports a small ring shape on his forehead and a larger one on his stomach, earning him the name Ring. He has water-proof gloves and shoes( the shoes almost look like a cross between sneakers and flippers XD)


Ring was kidnapped when he was little, and brought to a training came to either: Die, or become a villan. Luckily, he discovered that he could control water then, and somehow, Ring managed to escape. Then, after living on the streets for a while Ring was tooken to an orphanage. The good thing about that is that's where he met his best friend/sidekick, Stripes the hedgehog. The bad thing? The orphanage was'nt a fun place. XD A few years later, Ring and Stripes left the orphanage to (try) and help the world. He is VERY energetic, but can sometimes become sad and depressed.

Relationships with others

Stripes: best friends, they have known eachother since they were little

Titanium: Friends (oddly), kind of rivals

Rush the lynx: Kind of rivals, see why on Rush's page XD

Aaaaand that's all for right now!

Status: Hero (kind of XD)